• “There was a week of time where words like terminal and poor prognosis became part of our conversations. Needless to say, life comes into focus very quickly.”
    By John Brodie
    The Great Pacific Northwest
    If you […]

    • Awesome write-up on an inspiring brand. Then again, it’s more than just a brand, isn’t it? I saw the “Guardian” t-shirt awhile back at Urban Surf and went online to find out more about the brand. Little did I know how inspired I’d become – checking the Instagram feed on the daily to keep me pumped, planning trips to check out out-of-the-way lakes we can explore on our boards, trying to spread the word about the brand (plus, the sticker on the back of the Vanagon gets a lot of inquiries). “Go Because You Can” is so simple, yet so powerful. That, combined with the story behind it, is such a renewable source of energy!