Can cold temperatures damage SUP boards?


I have a carbon fiber board and I have been told to keep it out of the sun and the heat, but no mention of cold.

I keep it indoors and in a board bag, but its been getting real cold out these days and I want to go for a paddle. I am curious if I risk damaging the board by taking it out in below freezing weather? Will the board shape be effected or distorted? Can it crack? What about flex etc?



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I am also interested in this question.  I have paddled in weather where any water on my board turns to ice and have not had any issues with the board.  My concern would be after paddeling and strapping the board to the car.  I could see that being more of an issue than anything for damage.


We reached out to a few board manufactures and will be posting their responses.

“as far as our experience the cold has no bad effects only heat when it causes the EPS to expand etc… i would say they are 100% ok to get after it in the cold weather!”
Dave Boehne. Infinity SUP

“I don’t think Boeing would risk their entire future on the 787, if you couldn’t take an airplane baking in the 50c desert sun at, say Dubai, takeoff & climb to 41,000′ where its minus 55 degrees C, cruise for 10 hours, and then plunge back into a summer day, and do that for the 25-30 year life of the jet.”
-Carbon Composites

“I paddle in the cold when it is snowing but not lower then air 25 and water 40 and I have had no problem but you may want to reach out to people who paddle in the real cold all the time.”
– Joe Bark

“Way to get after it in the cold. I used to live in colorado, and took the boards out in some cold temps. My only worry would be.. if there are any cracks where water can get in side the board and freeze. If they are are water tight, then it should be fine. I would just try and get them to dry in a warm place after paddling.”
-Ryan, Sales at Boardworks