Downwind turning and stance


Hey guys, this question would be best directed to those who have downwind skills.

Main issue with me is when I drop in and switch stance, after a couple bumps I am beat.. legs on fire. I think its a combination of using a bad technique to switch to surf stance and back to paddle stance, as well as stressing I might lose balance so legs working too much.

Any tips? Thanks guys!

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I try to relax as much as possible, then engage when and what only needed. When Im cruising or waiting for a bump I let up a little, then when I start falling into one I use as little movement as possible….super quick step back, little squat then stand up again in surf stance and just let it roll.I try to think of it like this kinda, I’m not moving but I’m allowing the board to move under me big,smooth steps try not to jerk and hop…surf style
smooth. Main thing is keep at it. If you’re new to it, it can be very taxing on your legs. Some good exercises to build up strength are normal air squats. Over time you can add weight if needed. Also an Indo board or slack line will help work core balance muscles in the legs.




Ren dog gave me Sound advice during a big day on the Puget Sound, gotta agree with what he’s saying here.