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Hey y’all-

So, I commuted on my Bark today (Sand Point to Gasworks) and had a great paddle but wasn’t happy with the amount of stuff I had to carry and the way I have to carry it. With the mandatory fanny-pack PFD and my camelback and the little backpack I have it in and the waterproof case for my phone etc, it was too much. I ended up wrapping all of it around the handle strap so it was sort of out of my way, but that’s not a great solution either. On a longer solo paddle like that I need to have some gear with me, but do any of you have a better set-up?

Category: asked May 24, 2013

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Put it on your board.  Get some NSI stick on plugs then either a waterproof kayaking deck bag or cargo netting (from Seattle Fabric).  Glad you’re commuting per SUP!

cheers.  RC


Thanks, Rob. I’m concerned that strapping stuff to the deck will create drag, but it’s definitely a good option.


NSI products can be found at Urban Surf, I have used the stick-on for my pfd etc, works great.

Voyaging is fun stuff.. we should plan a multi day paddle through the sound.


Not trying to say go out and buy more, but if you’re looking at some packs for hydration and some extra stuff check these out. Esp the molokia. Might be what you’re looking for.


Thanks for the advice, gentlemen!