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Hey Everyone in the 206,

So, as the short distance race season winds down and the local focus turns to Round the Rock, I am wondering everyones thoughts on the best ways to adjust training for RtR. Do to my limited time schedule to train (Wife,Kid,Job) I want to maximize my training in the next few weeks.

So my questions are:

1.) What, in your opinion, is the best training for round the rock? If you could do only one thing to train, what would it be? Is it just get out and paddle, Long distance paddles(6+ miles), paddle shorter distances (3-5 miles). What is everyones thoughts?

2.) Are people switching their focus to RtR or still focusing on the shorter races? Anyone going down to the Naish gorge paddle challenge? I was thinking the technical race might be a good pre-RTR warm up.

3.) What is your Day-of-race or Week-before-race preparation like? We have all probably read the blogs, articles, etc on how to prep for a race, but I am curious what everyone here is doing.

Ok, first time trying out this question/post thing. Hope its interesting to everyone.

Best regards,

Adam J.

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Hey! So my answers to your questions.

1) Best training for RTR is getting out and paddling. I would do some 6+ paddles, but I wouldn’t go all out either. Generally if you can do 10 miles you can do 13. If you’re going to get some distance in do it now and ease back as the race day approaches. I would say in the last two weeks coming up to the race I wouldn’t be doing long paddles. Maybe some intense shorter ones, just to keep stretched out and the mind and body ready. But keep in mind that the longer the race or training, the longer it takes to have the body recover, and you want to be ready on race day. Also I would suggest getting ready mentally for wind. RTR has been known to be nasty and last year the last three miles were a bit tough.

2) People are still focusing on the smaller races. The smaller ones, if you can make it are a great way to keep your sprinting condition up to par. I think everyone is heading down to the Gorge. It’s one of the best contests up here and it has two great styles of races. I would suggest you check it out if you can. Also you get to see some of the best paddlers in the world paddle which is a great learning experience.

3) Me personally as far as week before race goes. I usually get in some harder paddles (more intense) early in the week. Nothing crazy. Maybe 5 miles. And I listen to my body. If I feel super tired in anyway I ease back. This includes mental and physical. Then as the week progresses I’ll paddle some nice easy paddles, maybe keeping technique in mind, focusing on just catch, or just reach. Also I make sure I go to bed and get 8 hours of sleep minimum a night that week.  One other thing I do is start drinking a lot of water about two days out. You want to hydrate the day before the race. Trying to hydrate the day of doesn’t work. So I found for me it works better if I do two days. Anything before that is kinda over kill. I will also get some kind of anti cramping remedy(electrolyte pill etc)that I found work and take a few a day out. Then the night before I will eat not a big dinner, but one that is high in fats and carbs. This I have found works for me and may not work for others. My go to meal is Spam, eggs, and rice. Protein, fat, and carbs.  Again what works for some, doesn’t work for all. I’ve found this helps me through tinkering, and trail and error. The day of I wake up, gather my stuff and head down to the race. I’ll eat a banana, or two and a protein bar. Pre race I like to stay light as possible. The last thing you want is a stomach cramp out there. For water I use a camel bak and fill it with some kind of protein/electrolyte mix. Also I will usually have some form of caffeine before  the race.

Hope this helps! If  you have any other questions please feel free to ask. See you out there!