Starboard – Allstar vs Sprint


Shout out to @Mr206 and @Dustin! Saturday’s race was an ideal venue to test the performance of the new race boards from Starboard. With the mash-up of conditions which included downwind, side wind, chop and flat. Two athletes who have similar styles and abilities on two different boards that have contrasting characteristics.

It would be great to hear your feedback, opinion and why you think your board performed well or otherwise, in Saturday’s PNWORCA champs.


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If I would have had the choice of a board to be on for Saturdays conditions I would have chosen the Starboard All Star. It was rough with at times not a very good swell shape aka “soupy” but I didn’t so I charged out there on my 14’x24″ Starboard Sprint with no knowledge on how it would handle in the conditions. Once we started to get into the rideable swells I quickly had to learn how to properly place myself on the board so I wouldn’t pearl. The board itself handled much better than I had anticipated. The one thing I was slightly concerned about was when a wave washes up and fills up the “cockpit” that the board would slow down and get unstable. With the big drainage port in the back the whole board would drain in about 2-4 strokes. The board can push into the bumps with ease and still gives me (the paddler) a lot of control while riding. In the flatwater section I definitely had the advantage. That board is wicked fast in flat sections. Overall the board was cherry! No complaints here!

Good job to everyone who raced! Till next time! \m/


For the conditions we had Saturday, I believe I had an advantage over Dustin board-wise; the misdirected and extreme chop would have been trying, for me, on a flatwater board with a displacement hull (the Sprint).  The spoon bow and glide-ability of the All Star made miles 0-9.5 easier for me.  Clearly, Dustin had the better board at the finish line in the flatwater (taking nothing away from him!).


Worth noting that 4th place was an All Star as well; Art Aquino.