What are the best booties for SUP?


I have tried a few neoprene boots over the years, I have my favorite boots for surfing but have yet to lock in on a pair of booties that I am happy with when stand up paddling.

I am looking for boots that are easy to put on/off and also thick enough to stay warm year round.

Anyone have some advice?

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Some things to consider are split toe vs open toe, how quick they dry and thickness.

Here are some comments and suggestions from our FB page:

I love my 3mm Oneill rt. I also paddle a pair 3 mil flipper slippers -Sean

O’Neill Youth Heat RT Boot
sup boots

7 mm Flashbombs are awesome. – Troy

Rip Curl Flash Bomb 7mm Round Toe Boot, 6, Black
sup booties

Flipper Slipper