Team206 Shirt in Honor of Seattle Seahawks

Let’s face it, what we experienced over the last few weeks was deep. It was more then what Charlie Sheen might term “winning”. A team came together and worked hard together to achieve their dream. Starting from the top of the organization to the bottom, from the players to the 12th man, the energy was powerful yet humble. Even the game itself embodied a sense of gratitude for what was happening and even towards the opposing team, warriors in their own right.

In honor of the Seahawks and the 12th man we have put together a TeeSpring T-shirt design. This comfy shirt is high quality fabric in navy color, Seahawks green ink on front and back. No NFL copyright material used. Team206 logo with a seahawk outline. The front and back designs are available as men’s T-shirt, Womens T-shirt, Long Sleeved Tee and Hoodie.


Help us out, get a shirt or hoodie!

The proceeds of the apparel (about $7 per order) go to help us run this website (hosting and licensing fee’s etc) and prepare paddling and surfing events for 2014.

Thanks for your support! Paddle Strong!!!


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