Stand Up Paddling: Why I started

Why and how I started SUP.

Ever notice how some things come into your life for reasons you can’t quite see in the moment?
This is how I was introduced to Stand Up.
Not knowing what a life changing experience it would be.

It was spring and I had just had ACL surgery. A friend of mine that had been surfing for a little while now, kept calling. “Can you go Stand Up Paddle yet?” he would ask. I would always have to reply “No not yet, but soon. Things are going well.” One of the only things I wanted to do was go surf, and feel the ocean around me. The reality was; surfing wasn’t going to happen for awhile. However, SUP was a looming idea, but little did I know at the time.

I really didn’t think it would be that all great and was a bit cynical about the excitement and industry hype. Seemed like it would be kinda like kayaking, or canoeing. Maybe fun for a moment, but nothing like surfing. My friends enthusiasm for it was intriguing. Finally after waiting for what seemed like forever I was given the all clear to try it out by the docs. Board rental in one hand and paddle in the other, I followed my friend to the beach and hit the water. At first the balance was tricky, but after about 15 to 30 minutes, it clicked. I had no idea how much fun that first experience would be.

Standing up you could see everything below you. Rocks,starfish, seals. The perspective was completely different from sitting down. Not only that but every little bump on the water became a fun little wave to glide with. By the time we were done my legs were shot, and my core was worked.

That’s when the light bulb turned on and I had to get my own board.


After saving up I finally ordered my first stand up board. I haven’t looked back since.

The reasons why I continue to SUP are pretty simple.

  • First off it’s just fun.
    There isn’t anything like coming home in the afternoon and paddling out on the water to watch the sun set in the fall, spring and summer here. Heck even in the winter you see a sunset now and then. Pretty insane that more people, who claim to love water, don’t use such an abundant source of it here.
  • Second it’s a great workout.
    I haven’t been more mentally and physically fatigued from something other than paddling. Middle of a race in the ocean and you’re not feeling it? Sorry you gotta finish. No quitting there. Paddling makes you dig deep.
  • Third is the amazing things I’ve witnessed with it.
    I’ve never seen a sport bring so many people together. Or give people so much hope. I hear time and time again people completely changed their habits ,and go beyond anything they thought they would or could do. And the stoke on people’s faces after finishing their first race, or paddling the furthest they ever have is great!

It’s a great sport, and I love seeing people smile on the water.

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