Team 206: Weekly Practice – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Over the last year we have been holding team training and coaching sessions to improve the overall understanding of training concepts and paddling technique within the Seattle Stand Up community, the results have been impressive as athletes pass on information and test ideas while adapting their own styles and knowledge base to the different concepts. Our goal here is to improve and grow as a community while also connecting with the culture of our sport the best we can, so it was time to take this to the next level and provide a consistent program and practice schedule for you.

We have selected 2 locations that are convenient and accessible, Sand Point at Lake Washington and Small Boat Center at Green Lake. We chose Tuesday and Thursday for practice days, this gives you enough time to recover for weekend races and also leaves the busy days of the week (Monday & Wednesday) free for you to fit in your cross training or personal program without time restraints. Some paddlers are available in the afternoon, others in the morning, so we decided to have one practice in the early morning before work and the other practice after work.

First practice starting this Tuesday 8/20/2013.

Tuesday Practice

  • Location: Sand Point
  • Time: 6:25PM – Evening Practice
  • Duration: 90min
  • Program: Technique, Video Analysis, Time Trial (staggered), Drills, Intervals

Thursday Practice

  • Location: Green Lake
  • Time: 6:25AM – Morning Practice
  • Duration: 60min
  • Program: High Intensity Interval Training


What skills will be taught in technique and drills?

We will go over everything from upper body paddling technique, lower body stance in varying water conditions, optimizing glide, turning, drafting, energy system efficiency and more.

Why video analysis?

It is very difficult to make mental to physical connections without visual reference. The video will help you see your technique and also monitor your progress.

Who is coaching? Are they qualified?

Joe Ferguson will be the acting coach, with other athletes stepping in to cover specific areas that are their strong suits, we also hope to have guest coaches share their knowledge as well. Joe is an accomplished canoe paddler from Maui and has trained with top athletes and canoe teams, he has a strong grasp on technique and training concepts as well as an understanding that we all have a unique comprehension of movement, which means the communication and coaching may be different person to person.

“I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I am confident that what I can teach you about paddling and training will change the way you understand it and will open a new aspect of the sport that means more then racing for medals. Paddling is a fluid sport with many dynamics that are constantly in motion, this is what I think is so appealing about the sport. As a beginner we start by problem solving to improve, but the problem solving never ends and so we stay in constant pursuit, the pursuit of the flow state when everything clicks together. I am passionate about paddling and also the culture of surf and canoe and hope to share it and learn more about it.”

Renick Woods will also be leading practice sessions, with his surfing background Renick can answer questions and teach techniques in stance, turning and downwind paddling. Renick pushes himself in training drills and workouts, so be ready to do the same.

Is it free? What is the cost?

Yes it is free of cost. We will be asking for a Team 206 annual membership eventually, the membership dues will be collected and managed by the association. We will be using the funds raised to provide more services and experiences to the community.

What if I cannot attend the practice times but I want to have personal coaching?

We are working on a program for this specific need, please let us know if you are interested and we will let you know once it is available.

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